It is not unusual to see football teams that also have reserve squads of their own. You are free to visit – new betting sites in Kenya allow you to wager on many reserve teams as well.

Normally, the purpose of these reserve teams is to give playing experience to players that aren’t frequently considered playing on the main squad. Obviously, both the main and reserve teams are part of a single entity. If you want to wager on different football competitions held all across the world, the new betting sites in Kenya 1xBet will allow you to do that and much more.

Yet, in Spanish football there was a strange instance in which a reserve team separated from its parent entity. Later, this reserve squad became a football team of its own. This is the story of Málaga CF.

The reserve football team that became a main squad

The Club Deportivo Málaga

In 1933, the Club Deportivo Málaga was established in the city of Málaga, Spain. If you want to place live bet visit 1xBet, where you will be able to wager on all matches from the Spanish La Liga. In 1948, another football team was established in the same city, which was Club Atlético Malagueño. The purpose of this squad was to serve as the reserve team of CD Málaga.

According to the regulations of Spanish football, reserve teams can also participate in the main football system of the country. Punters can place a live bet by visiting 1xBet, and this website also allows them to wager on various levels of Spanish football.

However, they must be in a lower division than their parent club. This means that if the senior squad is relegated to the level where the reserve team is, then the latter is forcefully relegated.

A forced separation

Once the 1958-59 season of the second division of Spanish football ended, five teams were relegated to the third division. You can download 1xBet app for bets for absolutely free, and wager on which teams are likely to be promoted or relegated. These teams were:

  • CD Eldense;
  • Gerona CF;
  • Hércules CF;
  • Real Unión de Irún;
  • and CD Málaga.

However, there was a problem. In the third division of Spanish football, the Club Atlético Malagueño, the reserve of CD Málaga, was having a great campaign. For this reason, those in charge of the reserve squad opted to separate from CD Málaga, avoiding a forced relegation to the fourth division. By downloading the 1xBet app, it will also be possible to make bets for all kinds of outcomes related to Spanish football. This also meant that this team became a senior squad of their own.

More than 40 years later, in 1992, CD Málaga was liquidated after serious financial difficulties. The Club Atlético Malagueño was totally safe from this liquidation, as it was a totally different legal entity. Eventually, in 1994 the team was renamed to Málaga CF.

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