TANKER EXPLOSION: Foolishness Killed Those That Died – Eyewitness Narrates What Happened Before The Incident

Yesterday a fire incident which claimed lives and
properties occurred in Lagos on the otedola
bridge. According to eyewitness, the fire accident
that has reportedly claimed over 20 vehicles and
an unknown number of humans at the Otedola
Bridge, Lagos-Ibadan expressway.
According to a twitter user with the handle @otunbakush has
tweeted about happenings before the tragic incident occurred and
blamed drivers for their negligence and selfishness and for not
taking to the run immediately the tanker fell.
In a series of tweet, he wrote;
lost my phone to that berger tanker accident yesterday.
First it wasn’t that tanker drivers fault, a commercial bus dropped
off passenger where there was no bustop and entered d fast land
back without looking at his side mirror
The tanker guy tried avoiding an accident but look at what
happened at the end, he stepped on his brakes, hit the partition
and tripped over, now here is d part that got me like we are really
mad in d country, ignorance kill all the people that died
that tanker didn’t explode immediately, people had 1min to save
themselves, every minute counts in a n accident, people were
trying to save their cars instead of their lives, there was a camry
infront of the tanker, man was actually trying to reverse his car, he
was so foolish
Save yourself and savage the car later, fire and electricity are like
the same, from one path to the other, now assumption kill us for
this country, people were in their car making videos instead of
running away, fire started, panic sets in, I watched as people got
It became a struggle contest, who’s gonna come out first, fire
rounded them up, what they should have done first, dey did it last
and paused with their lives, may their soul rest in peace.. But
foolishness killed those that died on that bridge… God forgive all
their sins
They ignored the possible risk of fire when they actually knew it
was Gonna happen, now instead of running away, they stay in
their car making videos, fire started and it became late

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