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‘Talented Nigerian Artists Not Up to 5’ – Ruger

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Popular Nigerian singer Michael Adebayo Olayinka, better known by his stage name Ruger, has sparked a lively discussion within the music industry with his recent remarks. In a candid interview with Cool FM, Lagos, Ruger claimed that Nigeria currently has fewer than five truly talented musicians. His statement has raised eyebrows and stirred debates among fans and fellow artists alike.

Ruger’s assertion sheds light on his perspective regarding the current state of the Nigerian music scene. According to him, a majority of Nigerian artists are merely creating music for entertainment value, or “cruise,” as he puts it, rather than producing substantive, quality music. He emphasized that the number of artists he considers genuinely talented and dedicated to crafting “proper music” is surprisingly small.

“Those of us that are talented and doing proper music are not up to five,” Ruger stated during the interview. This bold declaration has led many to speculate about who these select few might be, as Ruger chose not to name any artists specifically, nor did he disclose where he ranks himself among these elite musicians.

He continued, “I’m not the biggest artiste in Nigeria, but talent-wise, I’m standing somewhere there. We are not up to five. I won’t say where I am on the list, but I’m there. It’s not up to five. Most people are just singing for cruise, but we [the talented artists], we make music.” This statement reflects Ruger’s confidence in his own abilities and his belief in the distinctiveness of his musical contributions.

Despite the potential for controversy, Ruger’s comments highlight an ongoing conversation about the depth and quality of talent in the Nigerian music industry. His perspective suggests a need for a greater appreciation of artists who prioritize musical craftsmanship over ephemeral popularity.

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In addition to his critical commentary on the industry, Ruger shared a surprising revelation about his international fanbase. He expressed his astonishment at discovering his significant following in Israel, a country not typically associated with a major Nigerian music fanbase. Ruger recounted his experience of selling out a 7,000-capacity venue in Israel, an achievement that underscores his growing global appeal.

This revelation adds another layer to Ruger’s career, showcasing his ability to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries with his music. It also underscores the potential for Nigerian artists to gain recognition and build substantial fanbases beyond their home country, provided they deliver authentic and resonant music.


Ruger’s comments, while controversial, offer an intriguing glimpse into his views on the music industry and his own place within it. As the discussion around his statements continues, it remains to be seen how other artists and fans will respond to his bold claims. Nonetheless, Ruger’s perspective serves as a reminder of the importance of talent and authenticity in an ever-evolving musical landscape.

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