Streaming Services for Music Most in Demand in 2022


With intelligent assistants like Alexa and Google, home streaming live music has become a general trend. People nowadays listen to live music rather than download music. With a simple subscription, you can access live music streaming services that offer a high-quality sound and ad-free experience.

In this article, we will tell you about the best streaming services for music that are in great demand in 2022. With applications like Spotify continuing to be the best in the market, a few new streaming services have also emerged.
But before we tell you more, let us tell you why streaming services are better.

Why Are Streaming Services Better for Listening to Music

Why Are Streaming Services Better for Listening to Music?

Here are a few reasons that will convince you to subscribe to a music streaming service:

  • You save storage on your device,
  • You get in-demand content,
  • You get to discover new music tastes for yourself,
  • You support small artists by discovering their music,
  • You get an ad-free and high-quality experience.

What is the number one streaming service for music? If you are searching for a particular service, understand that most streaming services nowadays have features with updates that won’t differ from the others.

So typically, you can subscribe to any music streaming service and listen to collections. Before making a final choice, you can compare music streaming services and select the one that suits your requirements.

Remember, you might not be able to access geo-blocked content unless you use a VPN on your iPhone or device. You need to know how to add a VPN to iPhone and android and how to use them to listen to music more comfortably and securely. It’s a service that unblocks content by making you appear from a different location.

Further, it provides strong security that protects your device and prevents data leakage.

We always advise you to go with some trustable VPN apps for Android and iPhone like VeePN. It’s a VPN for phones, and the VeePN extension works flawlessly with top browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

7 Best Streaming Services for Music in 2022

Let us now look at some of the best music subscriptions you can enjoy:

1. Apple Music

Even though iTunes existed for a decade, Apple later altered the music technology in 2021. It introduced the concept of the lossless streaming tier, which was an instant hit. Anyone with an iTunes subscription can implement this Apple music streaming service with spatial audio.
Cost: $10 per month

2. Spotify

Spotify has existed in the market for many years by providing the best music experience, including podcasts and songs. Most podcasts are streamed or exclusive, and it comes along with techs to provide easy streaming using wireless speakers. But with nearly over 82 million tracks available, this version comes with a 30-day free trial.
Cost: $10 per month

3. Amazon Music

Amazon has been slowly expanding its business universe, and the latest one is the year music streaming service with double tiers. With nearly a collection of 75 million songs, this subscription allows you to enjoy lossless tracks. If you are a prime member, the subscription cost is lesser when compared to the other non-prime members.
Cost: $8 per month for Prime members and $10 per month for non-Prime members.

Streaming Services for Music Most  in Demand in 2022

4. Tidal hi-fi Plus

With high-range lossless technology for music streaming, this Tidal application comes in two different formats: Tidal hi-fi and the advanced version called Tidal hi-fi plus. With a library that contains over 80 million tracks, it provides an advanced Dolby ATMOS music experience. Users can also gain access to the library with music videos.
Cost: $10 per month

5. Qobuz

Qobuz is also one of the best lossless streaming services that provide access to an extensive library with CD quality and higher resolution songs. Compared to the others, the subscription is reasonable and supports a wide range of spatial audio tracks.

But one major disadvantage is that it does not have an extensive catalog compared to the others in the market.
Cost: $13 per month

6. Deezer Premium

The Deezer is a lossless streaming service with an excellent library with software that supports the diverse list of music available.
It is one of the few music services that work with the Apple Watch and player in your car. There are high-definition songs with authentic audio.

This service comes in two versions. The premium and hi-fi versions have differences in the feature, but the library is open access.
Cost: $10 per month for premium users and $15 for HIFI users.

7. YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Premium is the best option if you wish to access music from anywhere, including your desktop and mobile phone. You can access music videos with no advertisements by subscribing to the channel. It has a vast catalog of music within the library and a reasonable price range.
Cost: $10 per month


Music relieves you, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is by subscribing to a music streaming service. Combine it with the best speakers available in the market to experience high-quality soundtracks that might be relaxing and fun.

Most streaming services come with a free trial version that allows you to check the services and song quality before making a final decision. Subscribe to the one that suits your requirement and enjoy your day.

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