Betting on Sports Has Never Been Easier – A Short Guide

Betting on Sports Has Never Been Easier - A Short Guide

Sports betting is so popular in Africa that it’s close to becoming a discipline. According to a 2019 Report, around 60 million adults in Nigeria (ages 18 to 40) are involved in active sports betting.

In addition, the increased use of the internet and cheap smartphones prove that betting on sports has never been easier in Africa.


The Offer Is Rich, Making the Quest for a Trustworthy Site Time-Consuming Yet Exciting

The first step to ensuring a seamless online sports betting experience is finding a reliable site, such as bet365 or 22bet. It means you should look for a sportsbook that holds proper licenses. These can be issued by the country or international gambling license providers such as Malta Gaming Authority.


However, despite the popularity of sports betting in Africa, many countries have an open debate on whether to legalize it. For instance, South Africa is the only country that has fully regulated online sports betting.


Again, people of Africa love sports and like betting on it, so countries can’t neglect the positive impact such activity could have on their budgets. Countries like Ghana have pretty relaxed gambling regulations, allowing their residents to enjoy online sports betting, not to mention Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, and Cameroon, the African countries with the most passionate sports bettors.


The Ease of Watching Your Favorite Team and Betting on It

Africans are proud of their athletes—international superstars—in football and athletics, and aside from watching football matches, African punters enjoy betting on them.


That’s why most sportsbooks offer all sorts of football and athletics events. The selection of football includes domestic competitions and tournaments such as the African Cup of Nations but also international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup.


In short, punters in Africa can enjoy and bet on various leagues, sports teams, and even players. That’s not only the case with football. People of Africa also like basketball, horse racing, cricket, golf, and tennis, to name a few. Online bookmakers that want to stand out will ensure to cover all these sports.


Attractive Bonuses and Promotions Influence the Punters’ Decisions

Bookmakers put a lot of effort into creating bonus and promotion options to attract as many punters as possible. Of course, not all sportsbooks have the same incentives, but the benefits they offer will determine whether a potential puter will join the site and how long they will stay on it.


Welcome bonuses, especially free bets, are usually reserved for newcomers as they can use them to get to know themselves better with the operator and give betting a shot before investing their money.


There are also various deposit bonuses and reload bonuses that are most appealing to experienced punters. However, bookmakers know that bettors like to feel appreciated for the time and money they invest in a particular site. So, to make them stay as long as possible, operators reward the most loyal customers with various promotions, such as VIP programs.

Technology Introduced New Payment Options

If a bookmaker in Africa wants to grow its customer base and revenue, it must allow its members to use their preferred payment method. So when a punter is looking for a new sports betting site to join, they examine currencies and payment methods available.


Some prefer bank transfers, as they use VISA or Mastercard, and consider them the most reliable. Others have embraced the new options, such as e-Wallets. In fact, many African punters use PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill to make deposits and withdraw winnings from an account.


As technology evolves and the digital world becomes an essential part of our everyday life, digital currencies such as Bitcoin grow in popularity. Sportsbooks allowing members to bet with virtual currencies open doors to many new punters.

When We Say Good Online Experience, We Think About Good Mobile Experience

Mobile phones have revolutionized how we organize our time. We no longer have to be on our computers to send an email, watch videos on YouTube or play video games.


Smartphones are computers in our pockets, allowing us to access various digital services whenever we want from any location (as long as we have a strong internet connection). The same is with online sports betting.


Punters in Africa make the most out of the convenience of using smartphones. Today, they can access any sports betting site on their mobile phones. Some prefer going on an operator’s site, while others download apps.


Consequently, more and more bookmakers work on optimizing their sites for mobile and creating apps available on Android and iOS devices. Undoubtedly it is one of the priorities, as the sportsbooks know that is the path to punters’ hearts.



Nothing is perfect. But a licensed online sports betting site with attractive bonuses, odds, and various payment options is close.

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