Seven Traffic Robbers Have Been Arrested At Ikeja City Mall in Lagos

Lagos Police Rapid Response has arrested  seven traffic robber near Ikeja City Mall.

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According to the information reaching us, these people’s disguised to rob in broad daylight, but some members of the national union of Road transport (NURTW) were the one who leak the information to the police before they were arrested.

The names of the Arrested robbers are;

  • Anifowoshe Kolawole
  • Patrick Ameke,
  • JohnBritto,
  • Segun Peters,
  • Kabiru Odeh,
  • Nurudeen Suraj
  • and Dennis Ikuvbogie

This suspected armed robbers confess to the crime they committed in an interview.

They explained how they operate,

“Until the day we were arrested, we’ve usually succeeded in our operations because we always pretend to be beggars before robbing people around the mall.

“Sometimes, we used to change our strategies and pretend as if we are nose mask vendors so that people won’t easily detect that we are armed robbers”.

Commissioner Abiodun Alabi ensure that all the people involved in the case would charged to Court. He also commend the police for the job well done.