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Rudeboy Debunks Eedris Abdulkareem’s Allegations Regarding P-Square and 50 Cent: Setting the Record Straight

In a recent podcast interview, Eedris Abdulkareem made claims suggesting that American rapper 50 Cent and his crew assaulted Nigerian artists, including P-Square, at a concert held in Lagos back in 2004. However, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy from P-Square, has come forward to refute these allegations, shedding light on what truly transpired.

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During an Instagram live session with fans, Rudeboy clarified that P-Square never attended the mentioned concert due to failed negotiations regarding booking fees with the event organizers. Contrary to Abdulkareem’s assertions, Rudeboy emphasized that P-Square was not on the lineup for the event.

According to Rudeboy, Abdulkareem’s narrative portrays a misleading picture. He accused Abdulkareem of accepting low compensation from the organizers after P-Square had declined the offer due to its inadequacy. Rudeboy expressed disappointment in Abdulkareem’s actions, stating that they betrayed the solidarity among Nigerian artists.

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Addressing Abdulkareem directly, Rudeboy urged him to maintain integrity and self-respect, emphasizing that P-Square never agreed to participate in the concert where the alleged incident took place. He further asserted that other prominent Nigerian artists, such as Daddy Showkey and Tony Tetuila, support the fact that Abdulkareem’s claims are unfounded.

In conclusion, Rudeboy set the record straight, emphasizing that P-Square’s absence from the concert in question was solely due to financial disagreements with the organizers. He urged Abdulkareem and others to refrain from spreading false information and to uphold honesty and professionalism within the music industry.

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