Hoodlums hijack protest in Niger state, steal food items from trucks

Hoodlums Disrupt Fish Vendors’ Protest, Loot Trucks in Niger State.


In a disturbing turn of events, hoodlums have disrupted a peaceful protest led by fish vendors, seizing the opportunity to pilfer food supplies from trucks stranded along Kaduna road in Suleja, Niger state.

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According to Sadiq Bala, a representative of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) for the Suleja constituency, the protest initially began as a demonstration against the exorbitant rise in fish prices. However, it quickly spiraled out of control as disgruntled youths hijacked the protest, transforming it into a manifestation of hardship in the face of escalating living costs.

“The protest, instigated by fish sellers around 10 am on Thursday, escalated beyond their grievances,” Bala reported. “They seized vehicles, including a red Volkswagen laden with pineapples, but the driver managed to escape.”

Among the chaos, trucks belonging to major companies such as Dangote and BUA were targeted, with hoodlums brazenly looting essential food items. “One truck transporting bags of rice fell prey to the mob, overpowering the driver and initiating a spree of theft,” Bala recounted.

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Despite the presence of security forces, including soldiers and local police units from Suleja and Tafa, the situation remained volatile until tear gas was deployed to disperse the crowd, restoring order to the area.

Confirming the incident, Wasiu Abiodun, police spokesperson in Niger state, emphasized the lack of prior notification to law enforcement about the protest. “The protest along Kaduna road, Suleja, was unauthorized and swiftly degenerated into a blockade orchestrated by miscreants,” Abiodun stated. “Law enforcement swiftly intervened to restore normalcy and ensure the unimpeded flow of traffic.”

This event adds to a growing wave of discontent across Nigeria, as citizens grapple with soaring living costs following the removal of petrol subsidies in May 2023. From Minna, the capital of Niger state, to various regions nationwide, demonstrations have erupted, underscoring the urgent need for solutions to alleviate economic strain on the populace.

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