Rifa Congratulate Buhari, Wish Tinubu a Successful Tenure

Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) join patriotic and good Nigerians to congratulate former President Muhammadu Buhari who survived deadly health attacks and campaign of calumny from enemies of the Country who believe Nigeria is for them alone.

When the President took over power in 2015, the Country was near collapse as all structures have been bastardized and destroyed but he came on board and restored orderliness in most of the public institutions he was able to appoint credible people to manage such as Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Ministries of Works, Finance, Transportation, Education, etc despite opposition from those who wanted the nation to be perpetually in the cage of monumental fraud which strangulate the progress of the Country.

RIFA also congratulated good Nigerians including former Presidents; Yakubu Gowon and Goodluck Jonathan who attended the handing over of power to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Ibrahim Babangida who could not make it to the venue due to his condition but granted patriotic interview to associate with the transition. They showed patriotism which a villain former President could not exhibit after defrauding the Nation.

Buhari success story started from where he restored foundation of the Country hitherto destroyed before his ascension.

Also, he was able to establish several public colleges of Education, Polytechnics,
Universities across all geo-political zones of Nigeria without any private Institution linked to him directly to have been established neither did he launch a fraudulent public presidential library which
would be turned to private investment after leaving office. He did not also seek pardon for Nigeria criminals convicted in United Kingdom.

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Besides, he was able to restore lost glory of Nigeria in the comity of Nations. Moreover, Buhari was able to tame terrorists who had encroached Lagos, Abuja, Kano and other parts of the country reigning bombs and bullets at wills apart from controlling larger part of North East. Buhari constructed railways, roads including 2nd Niger Bridge, built schools, hospitals and other facilities too numerous to mention.

For the first time in Nigeria history, social investment programmes were conducted and directly reached the beneficiaries apart from few projects hijacked by the politicians and the civil/public servants In the last 40 years, Buhari administration remained the best administration that had gargantuan real time investment in power sector infrastructural development culminating in the elimination of exploitative fixed charges and fraudulent power investment hitherto placed on power consumers by previous administration. RIFA wish Buhari a peaceful retirement as Nigerians are urged to forgive his misdeeds especially the catastrophic Naira redesign policy.

As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu takes charge of the Country, he should not plan his own downfall by surrounding himself with enemies who do not wish him victory and success. He should learn from Buhari
experience. Despite giving them too much concession in appointments and projects, they still voted against him and planned his elimination. Tinubu should be wary of those he would entrust so as not
to be another victim of bloodsuckers who will poison him and be mobilizing for his replacement.

In his inaugural speech, Tinubu promised to ensure unified exchange policy but that would be difficult for him to achieve under the current Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor; Godwin Emefiele. Therefore, there is urgent need to replace current CBN Governor for national progress.

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The removal of fuel subsidy has generated attendant price hike of goods and services within 72 hours of the announcement. The President must revisit palliative measures to cushion the effect of the policy. On their part, RIFA urge the Federal Government to first ensure exchange rate is controlled to make imported goods cheaper as it was before Emefiele devaluation came on board.

Similarly, modular refineries should be allowed to ease refining of crude oil locally so that there won’t be need for much importation of refined oil any longer. Also, operators of refineries declared illegal should be given amnesty period like two (2) months to apply for registration by creating online portal for them to regularize their operation. This would liberalize the sector and allows for more participation to engender competition which would later lead to price reduction as witnessed in the telecommunication sector.

Similarly, the nation has no legitimate Inspector-General of Police (IGP) as at May 29, 2023. There is immediate need to replace the IGP with a qualified serving police officer in line with relevant laws.
The President is also urged to consult critical stakeholders before taking actions that affect the Nation.

More so, FG should ensure only technocrats of diverse origins and mixed background are allowed to participate in the current administration while politicians without technical training should be left to be party leaders. As the President unravel administrative tasks and challenges ahead, RIFA wish
him a successful tenure.

Luqman Soliu
Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA)