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ASSASSINATION OF GENERAL IDRIS ALKALI: There Must Not Be Sacred Cow - Luqman Soliu (RIFA President)

ASSASSINATION OF GENERAL IDRIS ALKALI: There Must Not Be Sacred Cow – Luqman Soliu (RIFA President)

ASSASSINATION OF GENERAL IDRIS ALKALI: There Must Not Be Sacred Cow - Luqman Soliu (RIFA President)

As many unfortunate Nigerians had lost their lives in deadly and blood sucking Jos communities, the Nigerian Army must strive to bring the criminals who masterminded the heinous acts of assassinating General Idril Alkali and others to justice as soon as possible.

The Right and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) noted that the remains of the missing retired Army General Idris Alkali was reportedly found in an abandoned well in Gushwet in Shen district of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State. The late General was thereafter given a state burial on November 3,2018 at Gudu Cemetery in Abuja.

Although those suspects have been identified but we cannot rule out the connection of those retired military officers spewing fire for fire and gun for gun as culpable in this case for lending support to the criminality. The religious leaders who have publicly instigated violence among the citizens are also prime suspects whose further misguided utterances should be adequately and appropriately handled by various security agents.

They are indirectly connected as they have remained silent since the committal of the heinous acts by the few misled followers of axis of evil. RIFA was shocked that the hitherto promoters of hate speech have remained incommunicado since the revelation of identity of the killers of General Alkali. May they remain as such till eternity otherwise they should be arrested henceforth for making boorish public statements.

The nation was relieved that the Nigerian Army eventually discovered and laid to rest on November 3, 2018 the remains of the slain general Alkali while the police on November 4,2018 also paraded at least 19 suspects who actively participated in the gruesome murder of the late General Alkali. Apart from General Alkali, there were many other citizens who were reported to have been killed in the deadly Jos Ponds. Other victims of the deadly Doi-Du, Dura-Du and other precarious Jos communities who were believed to have been caught in those vehicles found in the notorious communities’ ponds also deserve special investigation and national attention to determine who masterminded their killings and assure their families that they did not die in vain.

The perpetrators and their sponsors should then be paraded publicly and then prosecuted with stiff consequence. The attitude of paying special attention to prominent citizens when afflicted with injury should also be extended to the less privileged people when suffer similar hardship in the hands of the wicked elements of our society as what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

The initial thirteen (13) suspects in the assassination of General Alkali taken over from the Military by the Police include (1) Pam Chuwang Kim ‘m’ 32yrs (2) Pam Chuwang Dung 19yrs (3) Michael James ‘m 22yrs (4) Dung Pam ‘m’ 26yrs (5). John Alkali ‘m’ 21yrs (6) Rebecca Gyang Pam ‘f 35yrs was one of the women that protested against the Army to conceal the crime (7) Yohanna Dung ‘m’ 61yrs (8) Stanley Onuchukwu ‘m’ 34yrs (9) Nenfa jwanan ‘m’ 22yrs (10). Michael Peter ‘m (11) Maxwell Dadel ‘m'(12) Simon Sule ‘m’ 27yrs and (13) Paul Bot Gyangzee ‘m’ 52yrs who was reported to know some of the principal suspects.

The six (6) out of the eight (8) declared wanted who have reported to the Police were (14) Stephen Chuwang ‘m’ confessed he was among the persons that exhumed the corpse of the General on the 29/09/2018 from Doi-DU and relocated same to Gushwet Shen. (15) Timothy Chuwang ‘m’ drove the vehicle of the missing General from Doi-Du to the pond at Dura-DU and pushed it into the pond alongside with others on 03/09/2018 (16) Mathew Chuwang Rwang ‘m’ the Youth Leader of Doi-DU and mentioned by Stephen Chuwang ‘m’ as one of those who exhumed the corpse from Doi-Du and relocated same to Gushwet-Shen (17) Yakubu Rapp ‘m’ is the village Heed of Dura-DU where the General vehicle was recovered in a pond (18) Pam Gyang Duns ‘m’ is from Doi-DU and Mai-angwa of Latiya. He is a friend to Da. Chuwang AKA Mourinho, the principal suspect who is at large and believed to have participated actively in the killing of the General (19) Moses Gyang ‘m’ is a son to Pam Gyang Dung ‘m’AKA Boss.

Meanwhile, efforts are on-going to track down the other two (2) suspects still at large. These suspects would remain in the eyes of Nigeria and the international communities and the manner in which their case is handled would determine the future of peace Nigerians should expect from our government.

They must be taken as scape-goats that Nigeria is not a banana republic. Those who specialize in raising spurious allegations to protect their agents of destabilization from facing justice as witnessed in the past should be taken as accomplices in this case.
The inciting media who are bent on creating Rwanda scenario in Nigeria should not be exonerated from the assassination of General Idris M. Alkali and other crises around the country.

Freedom of expression should not be taken as license to be committing treason. In the advanced countries, where criminally-minded persons or media are noticed, they are quickly rounded up before constitute public threats. The unpatriotic ex-military officers with dangerous agenda and the political-relig
ious devil advocates such as devil agent of destabilization employed to promote sponsored falsehood; Pastor Bosun Emmanuel and co-travellers with inciting speeches to their vulnerable terrorists should also be made to face the music.

Although these agents of devil incite the misguided and defenceless Nigerians against one another, however they enjoy state protection with their families who also have stand-by jets to ferry them out of the Country should any unfortunate thing happen as a result of their uncouth and misleading utterances.

Whenever they incite violence and the result manifests, thereafter they hypocritically blame government for their plots and sinister moves. The seditious acts must be tamed if only we desire sustainable peace. Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA) believe there could not have been smoke without fire.

Therefore, those youths and their collaborators engaging in the dastard acts could not have been continuing without active motivation from some powerful blood suckers. The security agents should therefore search for the violence instigators, prosecute them to prevent repeat of same in the future and promptly round up anyone with inciting comments likely to jeopardize societal peace.

Luqman Soliu
Rights and Freedom Advocates (RIFA)


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