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‘Portable Still a Boy, I Regret Knowing Him’ – Ijoba Danku

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Yusuf Adepitan, widely known in the entertainment industry as Ijoba Danku, recently opened up about his tumultuous experience managing the controversial singer Portable. In an in-depth discussion on the latest episode of the popular podcast, Doyin’s Corner, Danku shared candid insights into his regrettable association with the young artist.

Ijoba Danku, a renowned promoter and talent manager, expressed his disappointment and frustration with Portable, labeling him as immature and dishonest. According to Danku, Portable initially approached him under false pretenses, lying about various aspects of his career and intentions. This deceit set the tone for their troubled professional relationship.

Danku revealed that the situation escalated to the point where he felt compelled to take legal action against Portable. He filed a lawsuit against the singer, aiming to hold him accountable for his actions. However, in a surprising turn of events, Portable’s father intervened, pleading with Danku to reconsider. Moved by the elder’s appeal, Danku decided to drop the suit, hoping for a resolution that would benefit all parties involved.

Reflecting on the entire ordeal, Danku expressed profound regret over his decision to work with Portable. He admitted that if given the chance, he would have avoided any association with the singer altogether. “Portable is still a boy,” Danku stated during the podcast. “Before Portable came to me, he lied to me. I actually sued him, but his father pleaded with me, and I accepted to drop the suit. If there is someone I wish I never allowed into my circle, it is Portable.”

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Danku’s candid remarks shed light on the challenges faced by talent managers in the music industry, particularly when dealing with unpredictable and controversial artists. His experience with Portable serves as a cautionary tale for other professionals in the field, emphasizing the importance of due diligence and cautious engagement when taking on new clients.

The revelations from Danku have sparked widespread discussion among fans and industry insiders alike. Many are now questioning the trajectory of Portable’s career and the potential long-term impact of his behavior on his professional relationships. Meanwhile, Danku’s reputation as a seasoned and discerning talent manager remains intact, as he continues to navigate the complex landscape of the entertainment industry.

In summary, Ijoba Danku’s revelations about his regrettable experience with Portable highlight the often unseen struggles behind the scenes in the music business. His story underscores the importance of integrity, honesty, and mutual respect in professional relationships, serving as a reminder that success in the industry requires not only talent but also character and reliability.

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