Owen Praises Iwobi For Superb Goal Against Wolves

Michael Owen, the former Manchester United forward, commended Alex Iwobi for his outstanding goal during Fulham’s triumphant 3-2 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday.

Iwobi set the pace for the Whites, securing an early goal in the seventh minute of the highly competitive clash held at Vicarage Road. The 27-year-old adeptly struck the ball into the net, capitalizing on a brilliant cutback from Antoine Robinson.

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This significant goal marked the versatile winger’s debut scoring moment for Fulham, coinciding with his 300th appearance in the Premier League.

Owen praised Iwobi’s technical prowess in executing the goal, stating, “He performed admirably, transitioning from the right-hand side and assuming a more central role. He held that position and expertly maneuvered behind the defenders.”

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“I was particularly impressed by the finish; the ball was slightly behind him. Beginning the movement from the right-hand side, he executed the finish precisely into the inside left channel,” added Owen during his analysis on Premier League Productions.