Offa Poly SUG Disclaims Purported Awards To Cult Groups

Offa Poly SUG Gives Merit Awards To Alora

The SUG President of Offa Polytechnic has debunked the trending news of presenting merit awards to some cult groups.


Their statement reads;

This is to inform the general public of the purported award circulating the social media given to one unknown and unregistered association named “Alora’.

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This is a totally self-fabricated award which does NOT emanate from our office but a self-made, probably photoshopped by an enemy of progress and that of the Union whom for personal gain and selfish interest trying to tarnish the good Name of our ever-progressing Institution and Union.

We are using this medium to totally DEBUNK this unfounded award as we are strictly operating an Anti-cultist Union and as student representatives, we declare such NULLIFIED.

Offa Sug

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