Nigerian Man Builds Generator That Uses Water (Video)

Nigeria man, 26, who has no university degree nor a certified Engineer builds a generator that is powered with water, instead of the traditional petrol or diesel fuels.

The youngman said he never believe he could do such a thing, that the belief that he could solve a problem was what propelled him to keep going despite the unpleasant situation and circumstances.

He built the generator from start to finish with scrap materials he picked from rubbish bins. which he confessed to have been working on for 16 years before he finally completed it now.

The fluctuating voltage between 220 and 240, was seen in the video, lighting the bulb and other smaller house electrical appliances.




@ChukwumaEziashiGreat stuff but the guy should be careful though, in a country where crude oil is god, the govt of the day is not likely to be enthused by this news.
@Fjworld_Brilliant …this guy must have gone to a polytchnic they are that pragmatic …nice one!
@iamvic3When he brought out his first prototype some years ago some people called him a fraud but I saw a genius. I’m glad he didn’t let this dream die.

We need to support this guy. A Kickstarter would be great.
I want one of this water-powered generator
If you agree let’s gather here

@Foodiemarshal1All through the video – I was just saying “ where can I buy this? Just tell us the price uncle

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