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Eedris Abdulkareem Nigeria Jaga Jaga

Nigeria’s Ongoing Struggle: Eedris Abdulkareem Reflects on ‘Jaga Jaga’ 21 Years Later.


Renowned musician Eedris Abdulkareem recently revisited the socio-political landscape of Nigeria, echoing the sentiments expressed in his iconic track ‘Jaga Jaga,’ released two decades ago. Despite the passage of time, Abdulkareem contends that Nigeria remains embroiled in turmoil, with living conditions deteriorating and economic woes intensifying.

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In a candid discussion on The Honest Bunch Podcast, alongside hosts Chinedu Ani Emmanuel (Nedu), Deity Cole, and Husband Material, Abdulkareem highlighted the worsening state of affairs in the country. He particularly lamented the alarming depreciation of the Naira against the Dollar, emphasizing that the exchange rate has soared to unprecedented levels, reaching the alarming mark of N2,000.

“Nigeria still Jaga Jaga 21 years later. Hunger everywhere, people are dying,” Abdulkareem expressed, underscoring the pervasive suffering experienced by ordinary citizens. He drew attention to the trajectory of the Dollar exchange rate, recalling that during the tenure of former President Goodluck Jonathan, it stood at N198. However, successive administrations, including that of President Muhammadu Buhari and political figure Bola Tinubu, witnessed a staggering surge, culminating in the current alarming rate.

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“Dollar is going to N2000. So how do you want common people to survive in this country?” Abdulkareem queried, articulating the profound challenges faced by the populace amidst economic instability. He further pointed out the irony of political slogans and promises, noting that the very communities once vocal in their support are now grappling with the harsh realities of poverty and deprivation.

In reimagining Abdulkareem’s poignant reflections, it’s evident that his concerns transcend mere nostalgia for a bygone era; they encapsulate the enduring struggle of a nation grappling with systemic issues. As Nigeria continues to navigate its socio-economic landscape, the legacy of ‘Jaga Jaga’ serves as a sobering reminder of the need for meaningful change and concerted efforts towards a brighter future.



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