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BBNaija Star Phyna Narrowly Escapes Kidnapping Attempt in Delta State.


Josephine Otabor, better known as Phyna from her time on Big Brother Naija, recently faced a terrifying ordeal as she narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt in Delta State.

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Taking to her official social media account, Phyna recounted the harrowing experience she endured on Saturday evening.

Detailing the incident, she revealed that the kidnappers targeted four vehicles ahead of the one she was traveling in, seizing the occupants and leaving the cars deserted on the roadside.

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In her own words: “Arriving in Delta State today with a group, our convoy encountered a minor accident when one of the cars veered off the road. As dusk approached, my car and another decided to push ahead. It was then that the unimaginable happened – the occupants of the four preceding cars were forcibly taken by the kidnappers, leaving the vehicles abandoned in the middle of the road. Witnessing the chaos and panic as cars frantically reversed to avoid the danger left me trembling with fear.”

For individuals like Phyna, incidents like these serve as stark reminders of the security challenges faced by many in the region. Despite the fortunate outcome in this instance, it underscores the importance of heightened vigilance and security measures for travelers.

For those navigating similar circumstances, staying informed, remaining alert, and adopting precautionary measures can make all the difference in averting potential dangers.

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