Nigeria, France Strengthen Cooperation to Combat Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking

Nigeria and France strengthen ties to combat illegal migration, human trafficking.


France has pledged its commitment to deepening its relationship with Nigeria, particularly in the areas of combating illegal migration and human trafficking. This was announced by Christophe Leonzi, France’s Ambassador in charge of Migration at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, during his recent courtesy visit to Nigeria’s Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, in Abuja.

Leonzi emphasized the importance of fostering a more consistent dialogue between the two countries, particularly between their respective ministries, to effectively address the pressing challenges of illegal migration and human trafficking. The ambassador expressed his intention to establish a more structured and frequent exchange of ideas and strategies with Nigeria.

“The need to enhance our cooperative efforts in these areas is critical,” Leonzi stated. “The strengthening of our partnership could greatly benefit both countries, enabling us to tackle the root causes of these issues more efficiently.”

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Leonzi pointed out that while France and Nigeria have been working together to address these challenges, there is an opportunity to deepen their existing collaboration. He recognized Nigeria as a key partner in the fight against illegal migration and human trafficking and suggested that further cooperation in the areas of border security and management could yield significant results.

In response, Minister Tunji-Ojo affirmed Nigeria’s dedication to enhancing its relationship with France. He stressed the importance of a robust bilateral partnership for the mutual benefit of both nations.

“The stronger our relationship, the better it is for both countries,” said Tunji-Ojo. “We have seen tremendous benefits from our cooperation in development over the years, and we look forward to further strengthening this relationship.”

The ongoing collaboration between Nigeria and France in these critical areas demonstrates a mutual commitment to addressing global challenges, with the aim of ensuring safety, security, and prosperity for both countries. As the two nations work to bolster their ties, their efforts are expected to have a positive impact on regional stability and security.

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