Aso Rock, Nigeria’s seat of power, will be getting
at least N11.5 billion as its allocation in the 2018
Of that amount, N45.68 million was budgeted for power plants and
generator fuel. N45.54 million was budgeted for the same item in
the 2017 budget, N140,000 lesser than that of this year.
Also, a total of N1 billion was budgeted for the Aso Rock Medical
Centre, while it got N331.7 million during the 2017 fiscal year,
thus an extra allocation of N668.2 million.
This is different from the N36.8 million meant for “drugs and
medical supplies” for the state house – and yes, the N1 billion
covers a sum of N208.3 million meant for the same purpose.
There is also a separate N51.8 million budgeted as “medical
expenses” for the seat of power, and another N15.8 million
allocated for “digital medical references”.
Last year, TheCable found out that the state house clinic – not
used by the president who seeks medical attention abroad – did
not have the commonest of medications, paracetamol, syringe,
cotton wool etc.
The sum of N907.1 million was budgeted for the purchase of new
vehicles for Aso Rock while N165 million would be used for the
maintenance of existing ones. In 2017, N100.8 million was used
for purchase of new vehicles while N188 million was budgeted for
maintenance of available ones.
A total of N28 million was budgeted for the state house ranch as
well as for “wildlife conservation capture”, while the garden,
“routine floral arrangement” and upgrade of helipad grassfield got
N24 million.

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