Sadio Mane Reveals He Is Now ‘Liverpool’s No. 1 Fan’ After Bayern Munich Move

Sadio Mane Reveals He Is Now 'Liverpool's No. 1 Fan' After  Bayern Munich Move

The Senegal star Sadio Mane has said that he will now become Liverpool’s number one fan after completing his transfer to Bayern Munich.

Mane leaves the Reds after six memorable years at Anfield during which they won every competition in which they entered at least once.

His move to Bayern was completed on Wednesday, and he sat down with Liverpool’s club channels to give one final interview before his departure.


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Mane initially explained that speculation about his future last season didn’t get to him, commenting:

“There was a lot…of speculation but I’m not a confused boy in my head.

Obviously I know what I want and I know what is professional so for me,

I was not even thinking about it because I was still a Liverpool player and we had really, really important games.

“For me that time was so, so important for myself and the team and the boys, and the supporters as well, and that is why I was really, really focused on that.

I did not want [to make] any comments about it because winning the Champions League and the Premier League, that would have been fantastic for myself, for the club and for everybody.

“So that is why I was not even talking about or commentating about the speculation because it is part of football, it will always stay [this way]. It is normal.”


Mane added that he has been in touch with manager Jurgen Klopp and his teammates to say goodbye and stressed it was important to leave on good terms.


“After when both clubs agreed [the transfer], I sent a long text to say goodbye to everybody, which is normal.

They were sad, as I was, but it is part of life. We just have to accept it,”

“That was the plan [to leave on good terms] from the beginning because for me, to leave Liverpool in a very good way, that is me because how I have been there.

It was fantastic in the club, in the dressing room. I am friendly with everybody, the coaching staff and even the kitchen staff, the ladies in the kitchen!

So, for me leaving in a good way is so, so important – and [for] the fans as well.”


Mane admitted that he will miss the love he received from Liverpool fans and will become one of them now that he’s left, supporting the team all the way from Munich.

“I think whoever is leaving Liverpool, with those supporters you will always miss them because so far [they are] the best in the world and I have always said it.

Especially when [they sing] my name, ‘Mane! Running down the wing…!’ – I don’t know, I can’t sing very well!.”

“Playing at Anfield I think always gives you so much power because of the fans.

So, for sure I am going to miss you guys but anyway, I love you guys.

I still have my house in Liverpool and everything so for sure I will come back, of course,

and I would love one day to come back to Anfield to say hi to them and of course to watch Liverpool playing because for me, I am going to be Liverpool’s No.1 fan – after the supporters!

“After every one of my games in Munich I will come to the dressing room and I will watch Liverpool, for sure, because I am going to be Liverpool’s No.1 fan forever.

I just want to say good luck to them and I have an eye on them.

And for sure they will be even better because I know the boys: great players, great talent, great maturity and attitude, so of course, Liverpool will always stay even better, for sure.”

In his final message to Liverpool supporters, Mane said:

“Thank you, thank you. Thank you guys, much love still, don’t worry! Bye, all the best!”

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