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Man City vs Liverpool Highlights

Download Football Video: Man City vs Liverpool 2-2 Highlights #MCILIV . 


Man City vs Liverpool 2-2 Highlights Download: English Premier League (EPL) – April 10th, 2022. 

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Arsenal vs Brighton’s Match started with full attacking forces.

That was an entertaining a half as you’ll see this season. Both sides are good enough to exploit the other’s defensive weaknesses – weaknesses they’re able to hide from almost every other team in the world – but City’s passing game is working much better for now. The second 45 should be a jazzer.

You can’t play a high line without pressure on the ball, and Liverpool aren’t getting about the pitch quickly enough to stop City from attacking the space. Anyhow, they have free-kick on the left and it picks out Laporte! But his stretch hits the post and the bounce falls unkindly, after which they flag goes up for offside.

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Foden, who’s been quiet, turns up down the left and whips in a nasty low cross, but before it can reach Sterling, Robertson slides in. He doesn’t get the ball, but him being there prevents yerman from seeing the flight – though if he’d gambled, he might’ve got to it.

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However, they’ve been better than a goal better and it’s fair to assume that Liverpool will improve after half-time, meaning it’s unlikely that this one-goal lead will be enough. They may win by one, but I doubt it’ll be 2-1.

So far, on the other hand, Guardiola has got his tactics absolutely bang-on. His defensive midfielders are doing an OK shielding job, and his attackers are picking holes in Liverpool’s defence at will.







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