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‘I’m still in my marriage because of my children’ – Portable’s wife, Bewaji

Bewaji Ewatomi Addresses Controversy Surrounding Portable’s Alleged Assault: ‘I’m Still in my Marriage for the Sake of my Children’.


Bewaji Ewatomi, spouse of the polarizing Nigerian artist Portable, has vehemently responded to allegations of domestic assault reportedly involving her husband.

Taking to her social media platform, Bewaji marked Portable’s 30th birthday with a celebratory post. However, the mood shifted when a user, @agbajedeboraha, used the comments section to accuse Portable of perpetrating violence against his wife.

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In a firm rebuttal, Bewaji confronted the user head-on: “If you have any sense, kindly enlighten us about the challenges you face in your own household. As for me, if I’m still residing in my husband’s household, it’s solely for the sake of my children. I refuse to be counted among individuals like you, each with five children from five different fathers. Every decision I make within the confines of my husband’s home is driven by my children’s well-being. Tomorrow’s repercussions are of no concern to the ignorant.”