President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's New Year 2024 Message to Nigerians (Full Speech)

Tinubu Vows Against Food Imports and Price Controls: A Push for Agricultural Self-Sufficiency.


President Bola Tinubu has made a resolute declaration, stating his opposition to the importation of food and his refusal to establish a price control board.

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This announcement came following a crucial meeting held on Thursday, where President Tinubu convened with the 36 state governors, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, National Security Adviser (NSA), and Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS) in Abuja.

Addressing concerns over reports of widespread hoarding of food in various warehouses, particularly highlighted in Kano State and other regions, the President underscored his directive to the NSA, Inspector-General of Police, and Director-General of DSS to coordinate closely. Their mission is to ensure that security agencies inspect such warehouses and take necessary actions promptly.

In a statement emphasizing his stance, President Tinubu expressed, “We cannot allow speculators, hoarders, and rent seekers to undermine our efforts in ensuring that food is widely available to all Nigerians.”

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He further reinforced his commitment on various platforms, stating, “I will not establish a price control board, nor will I approve the importation of food. We must extricate ourselves from this predicament because importation only enables rent seekers to perpetrate fraud and mismanagement at our collective expense.”

Instead, President Tinubu proposed a strategy to bolster domestic agricultural production, pledging support for farmers through incentivized schemes aimed at increasing national food output. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of swiftly and thoughtfully implementing livestock development and management plans, including initiatives focused on dairy farming and other sectors.

By championing these measures, President Tinubu aims to steer the nation towards agricultural self-sufficiency, reducing reliance on imports and fostering a more resilient and prosperous food ecosystem for all Nigerians.

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