Why Man United Will Never Play Like Ajax - Ten Hag

Erik ten Hag recently disclosed that he received warnings about the daunting nature of the Manchester United managerial role, branding it as an “impossible” undertaking. Despite securing the Carabao Cup in his debut season, the Dutchman has encountered a turbulent beginning to his second term.

The team’s performance has been marred by six defeats in the initial 15 Premier League fixtures, escalating the challenge of securing a spot in the Champions League knockout stages with a lone group game left.

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Reflecting on the advice he received, ten Hag acknowledged, “I was constantly cautioned that success in that role was unattainable. They painted it as an insurmountable task. But I craved the challenge.”

Acknowledging the difficulty ahead, he added, “I was fully aware it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. Yet, the allure of leading such an illustrious club with an ardent fanbase was undeniable.”

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Expressing his admiration for clubs polarizing opinions, he noted, “There’s a distinct passion surrounding Manchester United—adored by many, opposed by some. It’s the kind of fervor I appreciate. Ajax, in my time there, exuded a similar sentiment.”

These comments were shared by Ten Hag in an interview with the United We Stand fanzine, shedding light on his perspective and determination amidst the daunting task of steering Manchester United’s course.