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A song by Usher titled I Cry

Usher Embraces Afrobeats: A Collaboration Journey with Nigerian Artists.


In a recent revelation, Usher, the renowned American R&B icon, unveiled his collaboration with Nigerian talents Burna Boy and Pheelz in his latest album, expressing his desire to immerse himself in the Afrobeats phenomenon.

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Usher’s entry into the Afrobeats realm marked a significant milestone in the genre’s global expansion. Notably, his decision to feature Pheelz in the lead single ‘Ruin’ and Burna Boy in the album’s title track, ‘Homecoming,’ solidified his connection to the vibrant Nigerian music scene.

During a candid conversation with Apple Music, Usher shed light on the pivotal role Pheelz played in facilitating his collaboration with Burna Boy. He articulated his enthusiasm for integrating African, particularly Nigerian, culture into his musical repertoire, acknowledging the genre’s burgeoning popularity worldwide.

Usher shared, “I am all about collaboration and embracing Nigerian culture within my own musical journey. The infectious rhythm and energy of Afrobeats resonate deeply with audiences globally, and I wanted to be part of this movement. My experience in Ghana and Nigeria profoundly influenced the creation of this album.”

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Reflecting on the creative process, Usher acknowledged the invaluable contributions of Pheelz, emphasizing the authenticity and richness he brought to the project. He expressed admiration for Burna Boy’s artistry, affirming his belief that the collaboration elevated the song ‘Homecoming’ to new heights of credibility and resonance.

“I picked up inspiration during my time in Ghana and Nigeria, and collaborating with Pheelz was instrumental in crafting the sound of ‘Homecoming.’ Burna Boy’s distinct style and authenticity added an extra layer of depth to the track, enhancing its impact and appeal,” Usher remarked.

By embracing Afrobeats and collaborating with Nigerian artists, Usher not only expands his musical horizons but also reinforces the genre’s global reach and influence. His journey exemplifies the power of cross-cultural exchange and artistic synergy in shaping the contemporary music landscape.

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