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I Cried Every Day Before My Parents Let Me Do Music - Tyla

South African songstress Tyla, born Tyla Laura Seethal, opened up about the challenges she faced in pursuing her music career, revealing a significant hurdle in gaining her parents’ support.

Convincing her parents about her passion for music wasn’t an easy feat for Tyla. She recounted how her parents initially opposed her aspirations to become a musician, viewing music as more of a hobby than a viable profession. Their reluctance stemmed from the perception that music wasn’t a legitimate job.

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In a candid discussion with Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, USA, Tyla shared, “My parents weren’t overly strict about my choices, but they were adamant about me heading to the studio instead of seeking traditional employment. They firmly believed that music was merely a hobby, not a career path.”

Tyla elaborated on the emotional struggle she faced, saying, “I found myself in a situation where I had to plead my case every single day, expressing my unwavering commitment to pursuing music as my sole passion. Convincing them was an uphill battle, particularly because in South Africa, success in music isn’t guaranteed. Many aspiring female musicians have faced challenges in achieving their dreams, and my parents, out of concern, were trying to shield me from potential disappointment.”

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Despite the initial skepticism from her parents, Tyla persevered in demonstrating her dedication to music. She acknowledged their protective instincts but remained resolute in proving her determination to pursue a career in the music industry. Her unwavering commitment eventually led her parents to relent and support her pursuit of music wholeheartedly.