Gombe Govt Confirms Meningitis Outbreak

Gombe State Government Confirms Meningitis Outbreak: Urges Prompt Reporting and Intervention.


The Gombe State Government has officially acknowledged the presence of cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM) within its borders, particularly in the Nafada Local Government Area, following reports of an unusual disease outbreak.

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Dr. Habu Dahiru, the Commissioner for Health, disclosed that investigations conducted by the government indicated symptoms consistent with CSM.

In response to this development, Dr. Dahiru emphasized the importance of prompt reporting of any suspected cases to the nearest health facility for immediate intervention.

This announcement comes amidst growing concerns and circulating social media reports regarding the outbreak in Nafada and neighboring local government areas, notably those adjacent to Yobe State, where the outbreak has tragically claimed the lives of at least 30 individuals.

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During a press briefing, Dr. Dahiru cautioned against the spread of unverified information and stressed the significance of adhering to established protocols for reporting public health incidents.

While acknowledging the severity of the situation, Dr. Dahiru clarified that the Incident Management System (IMS) has not yet been activated, as the state has not met the threshold for declaring a CSM outbreak. This threshold typically necessitates ten confirmed cases per 100,000 people within the district per week.

Assuring proactive measures, the Commissioner highlighted the activation of an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) dedicated to suspected CSM cases, demonstrating the government’s commitment to containing the outbreak effectively.

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