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Download Football Video: England vs Germany 3-3 Highlights #ENGGER . 


England vs Germany 3-3 Highlights Download: UEFA Nations League – September 26th, 2022. 

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England vs Germany‘s match started with full attacking forces.

Bellingham has a little bit of time and space 30 yards out. Germany seem happy enough to let him have it. He lines one up and fires it straight down Ter Stegen’s throat.

That was such a sweet strike. Made in Chelsea. Sort of. Germany could really put the hurt on England, too, because on come Gnabry and Gosens in place of Raum and Sane.

Werner breaks down the left. He cuts inside, lines up his options, then rolls across for Havertz, just to the right of the D. Havertz opens up his body and powers a curler into the top-left corner. Pope no chance!

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Werner dribbles into the England box from the right. Dier slips. Werner tries to tee up Havertz instead of shooting himself, and that allows Walker to clean up the mess. For a split second there, England were in all sorts of bother.

England suddenly look quite unsure of themselves again. They can’t get anything going. Meanwhile vindication for your MBM hack comes in the shape of Tom Chivers.

Rice barges his way down the left and is sent crashing by Kehrer. A free kick near the touchline, 20 yards out. James curls it in. Ter Stegen punches confidently clear.

England come again, though, James winning a corner off Raum down the right. Foden to take.

“Your monochrome correspondent is wrong,” he writes, quoting some dictionary entry or other which describes “a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white.” So now you I know.







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