Mohamed Salah "slayer" Ramos sued by Egyptian lawyer

Mohamed Salah “slayer” Sergio Ramos has been sued by an Egyptian lawyer over the tackle of  Liverpool forward during Real Madrid Champions League win in Kiev. The 25-year-old African player of the year sustained a serious shoulder injury that forced him off the pitch after just half an hour after being wrestled to the pitch by Los Blancos skipper.Both Liverpool fans and Egyptian supporters despaired when they saw Salah leaving the pitch on Saturday evening but Egyptian lawyer has filed an official FIFA report against the Spanish defender for what he described as ‘intentionally injuring on Salah.The lawyer, Bassem Wahba, further claimed that Real Madrid, at which Ramos is a central defender and captain, incites its players to practice violence against competition. So, he’s a Barcelona fan, huh? Lol.


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“The FIFA website informed me the report has been received and that investigation will follow. If the claim is found to be credible, the player and his club will be forced to compensate for the physical and emotional damage incurred by Salah,” explained Wahba on Ahmed Moussa’s talk show last night.”I will demand €1 Billion, and then I will donate them to the Tahya Masr fund,” he told ElWatanNews.With it quite clear that Wahba is unlikely to receive compensation from his lawsuit, the lawyer has promised to donate to “the state’s Long Live Egypt Fund.”Salah has until June 15th, when Egypt open their first World Cup campaign since 1990 against Uruguay – favourites in a group that also includes hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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