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Don't You Get Tired Of Lying? James Browm To Bobrisky

It seems the two female crossdressers won’t be getting along that much as James Brown once again calls out Bobrisky for lying about the money he said he spends on make-up.

Bobrisky had made this claim while addressing people who ‘hate’ him. According to him, God has destined him to be rich and famous, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Bragging about the amount he spends on his appearance, he added, “I change my hair every three days. How many of you girls can afford to change your hair every three days? How many of you can sustain this kind of lifestyle?”

“From the fees I pay my makeup artistes, the wigs, the fees I pay my hairstylists, everything is up to N74million Naira.”

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The transvestite’s revelation stirred an uproar on social media as netizens claim he was lying, including his colleague, James Brown.

In a video he shared on Snapchat, James called Bob’s claim a blatant lie and asked if he doesn’t get tired of lying.

According to him, they are in the same line of business and he also makes his hair and makeup, but he doesn’t spend up to N74 million.

Watch the video below,