Internet Safety Advocate, Rotimi Onadipe Informs Internet Users Worldwide What to Do to Reduce Online Dangers in Society 

Mr. Rotimi Onadipe, Founder of Internet Safety Magazine and Chief Executive Officer, Onadipe Technologies has unveiled plan to hold a conference with relevant stakeholders with a view to providing a lasting solution to online abuse among minors, youths and our society in today’s digital age.

Onadipe, who has been informing, guiding and educating the public about how to avoid online dangers for several years disclosed this to journalists in Ibadan on Thursday. He said the alleged Chrisland school girl rape scandal is a wake-up call, not only for parents but for all of us that online abuse is a real problem in our society and it deserves urgent attention.

“Many of us heard about this ugly incident because some people posted it on social media and it went viral. What about the ones that happened but were not posted online and thousands of people, including minors are still watching it secretly on their mobile phones?”

The internet safety advocate said, “the Chrisland school girl rape saga has clearly revealed to us the level of moral decadence in our society. However, I am already discussing about a conference on the matter with relevant stakeholders with a view to finding a lasting solution to this end time evil”

“There are some important questions we need to ask ourselves as stakeholders”

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“Where have we missed it as parents, teachers, counselors, religious leaders, students, policy makers and members of the society?”

“What danger have we left unattended that is now hunting after us and hurting us?”

“Now is the right time for us to come together and identify our vulnerabilities to know how some of us have ignorantly or deliberately contributed to these social ills”

“There is a Yoruba proverb that goes thus: Amukun, eru e wo, o ni oke len wo, e o wo isale which means sometimes the wrong we see is a symptom of a fundamental cause.” Onadipe said this is exactly what we are going through but it is not too late for us to identify our mistakes and do the needful.

In his final statement, he said the date and venue of the conference will be communicated to the public as soon as it is fixed.

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