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FA Cup: Chelsea vs Manchester City 1-0 Highlights Download

Download Football Video: Chelsea vs Manchester City 1-0 Highlights #CHEMCI .


Chelsea vs Manchester City 1-0 Highlights Download: FA Cup Result – April 17th, 2021. 


Those are the moments that really frustrate opposition coaches. Fernandinho gets away with so much and has had two goes at Mount without getting a booking. That last one was absolutely reckless and it was only Mount’s quick feet that prevented him from being sent tumbling.

It’s been a proper chess match so far here, but Chelsea have done an excellent job of stopping City playing. With the two holders in midfielder, City are just a little outnumbered when they do get the ball high up the pitch.

Really bright start for Ziyech. He’s swapping from wide right to the centre and finding space between City’s defenders. Best player on the pitch so far.

It’s Chelsea well on top here. Jorginho does well in midfielder and they work it wide to Chilwell, whose cross takes a little deflection that almost takes it into the path of Ziyech. Instead, it’s a corner, which comes to nothing.

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Decent chance, this. Ziyech spreads it wide to James who clips a cross over everyone to Chilwell at the far post. He’s in acres of space but opts to try and hit it first-time on the volley and cuts too far across it, sending the ball wide of the near post.

That was another really bright Chelsea break, but they didn’t have enough bodies in the box to make the most of it. Ziyech was forced to go it alone or try to thread the eye of a needle to find Werner.

City’s first sight of goal as Jesus breaks and eventually gets it back off De Bruyne but can only bend an effort straight into the arms of Kepa from range.

Another promising Chelsea break as Ziyech and Werner find space but no one can get up with them and the former’s cross is easily cut out, with only the latter to aim at in the middle.






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