Catholic Church Kicks Against Surrogacy, Transgender; Advocates Respect for Gay People

Catholic Church Stands Firm Against Surrogacy and Transgenderism, Advocates Respect for LGBTQ+ Community.


The Vatican recently reaffirmed its stance against gender fluidity and surrogacy, issuing an updated declaration on human dignity titled “Dignitas Infinita” (Infinite Dignity). In this document, the Catholic Church underscores its concerns regarding what Pope Francis has referred to as the “ugly ideology of our time.”

According to the Vatican’s doctrinal office, the belief in personal self-determination, as advocated by gender theory, is viewed as a temptation to elevate oneself to the status of God. The document emphasizes the fundamental truth that human life is a gift, and any attempt to redefine one’s gender independently of this truth is condemned as a challenge to the divine order.

The Vatican reiterated its opposition to gender reassignment surgery, cautioning that such interventions risk undermining the inherent dignity bestowed upon individuals since conception. However, a distinction is made between these surgeries and procedures aimed at addressing congenital or acquired genital abnormalities, which may be ethically permissible with proper medical oversight.

Moreover, the Catholic Church continues to denounce surrogacy as a violation of women’s and children’s dignity, emphasizing that children should never be commodified or treated as objects of commercial transactions. The sanctity of every human life, from conception onwards, is emphasized, with a strong condemnation of practices that treat life as disposable or negotiable.

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Despite its firm stance on these issues, the Vatican’s declaration also extends a message of respect towards gay individuals. It acknowledges the unjust treatment and persecution faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in certain parts of the world and calls for an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

In summary, the Catholic Church remains steadfast in its opposition to surrogacy and transgenderism, rooted in its commitment to upholding the sanctity of human life and dignity. However, alongside its moral teachings, it advocates for compassion and understanding towards all individuals, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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