‘Bulletproof Car Not Anointing Oil Saved Suleman’ – Nigerians React To Apostle Suleman Attack

Taking A Bullet For Someone You Love Is Stealing - Apostle Suleman

Reactions have trailed the assassination attempt on Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries.

WISELOADED reported that some unknown gunmen had attempted to assassinate Apostle Suleman in Auchi, Edo State.

During the incident, about seven persons, including police officers, lost their lives.

Reacting to the incident, some Nigerians said Suleman’s bulletproof vehicle saved him and nothing else.

WISELOADED gathered some tweets, reads below…

@dominatemyworld: “This is the more reason this religion is a scam. You told members to use blood of Jesus for protection while your daddy in the lord uses bullet proof cars”

@SirDavidBent: “Apostle Suleman escaped that assassination attempt only because he was in a bulletproof car. Let’s not start any theatrics about “Blood of Jesus” or anything. The crux of the issue is that lives were lost. Those people had families. When will insecurity end? That is the question.”

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@johnmoyewa: “Apostle Suleman could have been kïlled !! Anointing oil didn’t save him, stickers didn’t save him, and he was saved by his bulletproof car. Madira oo. Make Dem dey deceive you. R.I.P to those that died.”

@MadeOfStreet: “I’m just thinking about The Man of God, Apostle Suleman using bulletproof car and armed security guards

Edo State.”

@AbdulMahmud01: “Terribly saddened by the news of the dastardly attack on my brother and client @APOSTLESULEMAN

@OyeniranPeter8: “Thank God our dear pastor is save …the bullet proof car saved him …..we go do Thanksgiving on Sunday…. just not sure who to thank if it’s civilization or God.”

this evening in Auchi, Edo State by suspected kidnappers. The scene of the attack on Warrake Road, Auchi, is like a scene taken out of a war movie. To His Grace, Suleman is unhurt.”

@Tutsy22: “Apostle Suleman’s convoy attacked in Auchi… Bullet-proof car saved him but 4 policemen, a driver and a lady were gunned down.”

@chukwudumjohn87: “You’ve said it all my brother! If a man’s “ways” pleases the Lord, He makes his enemies to be at “Peace” with him. Oga Suleman, stop risking people’s lives, those unfortunate fellas are people’s father, uncle, husband, boyfriend, brother etc. Be warned.”

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