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Brazil vs Tunisia Highlights

Download Football Video: Brazil vs Tunisia 5-1 Highlights #BRATUN . 


Brazil vs Tunisia 5-1 Highlights Download: Friendly Match – September 27th, 2022. 

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Brazil vs Tunisia‘s match started with full attacking forces.

Laïdouni comes out with the ball on the end line, and even then, he crosses low. Slimane swings the net, goes out to celebrate, but the referee signals that it is not. Slower start to this second half.

It’s not everyday that Brazil puts four goals in a first half. They’re motivated and against a team that didn’t give up a goal in their last seven matches and is now down a man (red card in the 42nd minute), you can probably bet on seeing more goals.

Tunisia, down to 10 men, is packing it in and don’t want to concede more goals. The new players brought on for Brazil are still working themselves into the game. Brazil is controlling the game and knocking it around.

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Brazil is all in the field of attack and spins the ball in search of space. First fans were whistling at Brazil’s national anthem, then there were laser pointers, and then the ultimate insult came in the form of bananas tossed on the field after Richarlison’s goal.

Neymar plays well on the left, crosses low. Richarlison completes the move and gives the ball to Raphinha to finish. The ball hits the post and dies in the back of the net. The videos immediately made their way all over social media.

Paquetá is reversed on the left, makes the cut and hits a cross. Dahmen deflects it over the goal line

Neymar takes a rehearsed free-kick with Casemiro. The midfielder nods the ball into the middle, but Dahmen gets his fingertips to it.







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