Blessing Okoro Advices Black Chully On What To Do Next (Video)

Blessing Okoro Advices Black Chully On What To Do Next (Video)

Relationship blogger, Blessing CEO has admitted that Black Chully has a Banging Body and all Men would die to have her and also advised the Tiktok star on what to do next after the leaked s£xtape videos.

Relationship expert, Blessing CEO has sent an open message to Black Chully, the TikTok star whose nûde videos got leaked on the internet.

Blessing CEO in a video posted on social media praised Black Chully for her looks. She said that Black Chully has the type of body most ladies are praying for.

She further stated that Black Chully shouldn’t mind other ladies who are saying bad about her, she said that they’re only intimated by Black Chully’s body.

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She said that what happened to Black Chully is a mistake but she has the type of body that all men would die for.

She says;

“I just want to tell you that you’re special, you’re unique, and your body is banging! What you have is rare. I don’t know what the internet is telling you, they would want to shame you and insult you but know that what you have is what every woman is dying to have, what every woman is taking drugs for, what every man is begging to have.”

She said that Black Chully’s incident only happened at the wrong place and time but she should ‘dust herself up’ because she has the type of body every man would die to have.

“Baby girl your body is banging! Every man would die to have you and want to keep you to themselves, what you have is different!”.

“You’re unique, I don’t know what they’re telling you but you’re unique! A lot of these girls would be insulting you because they feel intimated”.

She encouraged Black Chully to put herself together, wipe her tears, put what happened behind her, and move on. She also assured her that this is the beginning of her breakthrough. She further advised her to apply more wisdom in her endeavors.

“The only thing I want is that you should develop your brains, I want you to have more than your body,” she says in the video.



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