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Lady In Oxlade S£x Video, Blessing John Tamara Tell Her Story

Lady In Oxlade S£x Video, Blessing John Tamara Tell Her Story

Lady In Oxlade S£x Video, Blessing John Tamara Tell Her Story…

…I’ve Been Unable To Face My Mum Since The Video Of Oxlade Sleeping With Me Became Viral – Blessing John Tamara. 

A video of Oxlade having s*x with a lady went viral a few months ago. The lady in the video, Blessing John Tamara who later sued the singer for slander, has resurfaced on social media to dispel rumors that she is after the musician’s money. She’s also spoken about how the video has altered her life after it became public.

Blessing, revealed in a Facebook Live section with prominent on-air personality, Daddy Freeze that she hasn’t seen her family since the video of her having s*x with Oxlade became viral because she doesn’t have the confidence to face her mother and elder brother, who also viewed the video.

Blessing, who argued that the video was nonconsensual because she was unaware that she was being recorded, stated that she was dissatisfied with the singer’s poor apologies after the video went viral, and that she believes he leaked it on purpose.

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The enraged woman went on to say that all she wants from the musician is a decent enough apology for her and her family, not money, as other blogs have claimed.

Her statement reads;

“We were friends for about 2 years before we started dating,” Blessing remarked when asked about what happened on that particular day.

He invited me over to his house that day, and when I entered his room, he handed me a bottle of wine, so I was a little tipsy.

People who saw the video thought I was trying to hide my face from the camera, but I had no idea he was filming. I hid my face because I’m a shy person who can’t even look my lover in the eyes at times. Because I said anything and he laughed, I hid my face.”

Blessing, who was equally astonished when she noticed the video rising on social media, claimed she called Oxlade for an explanation, and he informed her that he had emailed the tape to his pals, and someone who wanted to destroy his career uploaded it online.

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