Biafra And Oduduwa Currency, Passport Hits The Internet (Photos)

Division of Nigeria as a country is getting serious as Biafra and Oduduwa released their currencies and passport online. 

The trend for succession which started with the Igbo’s after the Nigeria/Biafra war hasn’t died out.

However, the movement has gained massive media and member fellowship over the years since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu took over forming the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

IPOB have shown resilience over the years with strategic planning and implementation and other region and people seem to copy and agree with their resolutions.


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With the current security challenges within the country in recent times. The Yoruba nation have joined in the succession movement thereby coming up with the Oduduwa Republic.

Meanwhile, this movement is spearheaded by Sunday Igboho, who has decided to be the face of the movement and it’s gaining fellowship by the day.

The negligence of the political class and government of the day has added more fuel to the movement for succession by the aggrieved regions.


See picture of Oduduwa currency below

Oduduwa Currency 1000 fadaka note

Oduduwa Currency 50 fadaka note

Oduduwa Currency 20 fadaka note

Oduduwa Currency 100 and 20 fadaka notes


Check out oduduwa international passport below;

Oduduwa international passport


See Biafra Currency below;

Biafra Currency 5 pounds note

Biafra Currency pounds note

Biafra Currency pounds note

See Biafra international passport below;

Biafra international passport


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