ASUU STRIKE: What Does No Work No Pay Mean? – Luqman Soliu

ASUU Threatened To Shutdown Universities Indefinitely

I have been reading some untenable and infantile excuses on why government should pay those workers of the public universities who abscond their duties. To be sincere most current crops of academics are bereft of intellectualism hitherto known with academics who reason well before spewing anything. Some even said university lecturers are not employed only for lecturing but also for research.

What!!! Intellectualism is seriously draining fast in our academics o. So, if some workers deliberately aspire to possess professional certificate which is part of their effort to progress in their career and ran away from work without the approval of the employer, the employer should pay for those days the indolent workers were absent from work?

Can we see retrogressive reasoning? If you have workers who ran away from your work, donate your entire business to them with flimsy excuses and see how sustainable the business is. No wonder, hardly would you see any one of them with sustainable business.

So, research which is for personal development of academics should now
be paid for when the academics withdrawn their services? Or our academics did not know the meaning of strike again? When you participate in industrial action (strike), you withdraw your service, so anything you do is not subjected to the dictate of your employer.

Therefore, the puerile and fraudulent claim that despite strike research is being carried out and that government should pay for the wasted months is nothing but another evidence of disgraceful academics Nigeria now produces. No wonder, they have not improved the quality of our education and national living standard.

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How could people with such retrogressive position impact our society positively? The more we produce professors, the worse our education becomes and this has not been an issue of concern to our vainglorious academics. I have often wondered why everything is worsening faster than expected despite rising number of Professors. I know what academics in other land instill in their students but here it is awkward reasoning.

One of the self-glorified professors even said for anyone to be a Phd student, he must accept to be working like a mechanic boy and should even be able to wash cloth of his supervisors like mechanic apprentice. So, do we need to ask why there have not been positive impacts of such a person? If the only legacy Buhari would bequeath to Nigeria is stoppage of irrational annual industrial action by academic staff union of Nigerian universities including our concurred “quacks”, many normal and good Nigerians who are tired of the annual ransom of ASUU are solidly behind him.

He would have written his name in gold like the case of University of Ilorin former reputable Vice Chancellors (Prof. Oba Abduraheem, Prof Ishaq Oloyede) before the outgoing VC destroyed the good legacy.
Why is employer paying workers? Is it not because employers control the time and activities of their employees?

So, if employees abscond from work and ran away against their employers’ directives, what they do while away from their employers, is it dictated by the employers?

If not, then why should employees request to be paid for services which are not directed by the employers? This is the position anywhere in the world. Nigeria university system will enjoy stability if the Government should comply with the law and ensure no work no pay as that is the only way out of ASUU annual fraudulent strike to rob the nation and still claim some politicians are somewhere stealing our national wealth.

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What is ASUU doing for collecting salaries for work not done-not stealing? No way, the fight for liberation of Nigeria should be total. Let the government stop donating our national wealth to ASUU. Enough of ASUU blackmail to rob the Nation!!!

Luqman Soliu
Abeokuta, Nigeria

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