A Man Has Been Remanded In Enugu Gor Killing His Wife

A man  has been remanded for killing his wife on 15th of November 2021.

The man who’s name is Remigius Nwaju age 45-years-old allegedly kill his wife Philomena Nwaju.

49-year-old Remigius Nwaju has been remanded in Enugu Correctional Centre for allegedly killing his wife, Philomena Nwaju.

This incident happened at No.7 Ajali crescent independent Layout, Enugu State.

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The husband that kill his wife was arraigned on two count charges before chief Magistrate Ngozi Edeani in charge No CME/ 15C)2022 according to the court documents.

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The chief Magistrate ordered his case to be transmitted to Director of public prosecution for advice.

Furthermore, The Chief Magistrate has adjourned his case to 23rd of February 2022 but before then the accused was ordered to be remanded in correctional center.


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