Why I Dumped Atiku Abubakar – Ex Wife Jennifer

Why I Dumped Atiku Abubakar - Ex Wife Jennifer

One of the wives of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Jennifer Abubakar, has confirmed her divorce from the former presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

From a Statement obtained from her she explained that she didn’t request divorce just because Atiku married a new wife.

She said;

“That His Excellency married a new wife was never the cause of our problem as many have said. His Excellency is a Moslem and I have never questioned him about his wives or intended,” 

According to what she said, some of the ex vice president friends tried to stop her from divorcing him but all the efforts failed.

She stated that Atiku has requested to collect some asset previously given to her, adding that the property in Dubai is a subject of litigation.

She also said;

“The core reason for the divorce was disagreement over my continued stay in the United Kingdom, to look after my children and several other long-standing issues,” 

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“I needed to play the role of a mother at this time to the children who have gone through the absence of both father and mother growing up; especially, with the passage of my elder sister who used to look after them.

“The truth subsists with regard to the Dubai house. I will make no further comments on it because it is the subject of litigation filed by his Excellency against me.

“I need to also put on record that if I wanted to take His Excellency assets, I would not have returned to him his property documents in Abuja and Jos and document, allowed the driver to collect his cars, gave up the house in Asokoro and Yola.

“The last time I was in Nigeria I called to have the Asokoro and Yola documents delivered to him. It was never picked up and I still state that Excellency is free to send someone to have the documents picked up anytime he deems fit.”

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