Why Erik Ten Hag Is The Perfect Manager For Man United

Why Erik Ten Hag Is The Perfect Manager For Man United

Erik Ten Hag – who does not know this name! This wonderful personality is famous for his work. He is a renowned professional football manager and he is also a former player. Everyone knows that recently he is the manager of Ajax.

Here one thing is to be said, people are thinking that Erik Ten Hag would be the perfect manager for Manchester United like Casino and Slots. The recent performance of Manchester United is indeed unsatisfactory.

So, the media and their aficionados are raising questions about who will take the place after Ole Gunnar Solskjær got replaced. There are different opinions on this matter.

Most people are saying that Erik is the perfect manager. But they have to wait for a year as Ten Hag said that he is not ready to leave Ajax in the middle of the period. As a result, they have to wait.
Well, below are a few reasons that Erik Ten Hag can make Manchester United incredible again.

1.    Undoubtedly, Erik Ten Hag speaks for himself. He has gained two remarkable titles with the Amsterdam-based team.  Apart from this, he has made an unbelievable run to the 2018/19 Champions League semi-final, with a young and new team.

Ajax’s score is outstanding and they have recorded 11 goals in three Champions League games. His way of playing is amazing and he reproduces Guardiola’s style of play. The tempo while playing football is fantastic.

He has gone beyond the expectation at Ajax. Manchester United prefers his way of playing.

2.    We all know about Van de Beek. He is a good player for Ajax and he has played excellently to make the team great.  He is a flexible player who can play three positions. Do you know one thing that The Dutch international will gain profit if Ten Hag is appointed as a manager? Van de Beek may perhaps be Ten Hag’s man on and off the ground.

To adapt the Dutch tactician’s style of play, he is helping the players. If Ten Hag will get the midfielder up and running, it will be great for Manchester United followers.


3.    Erik Ten is the right manager for Manchester United to take them through the intermediate phase. The Dutch manager has made the team outstanding by replacing the players. This helps in keeping the team competitive.

When Sir Alex Ferguson retired, Manchester United went into the transition level but Jose Mourihno and Louis van Gaal remained unsuccessful to carry them through this phase. Here, Ten Hag can help United to take them to the next level.


4.    United’s performance was miserable and the players have not played well. But under Erik, the same players can do well as they will be given an excellent style of play.

5.    Erik can modernize the entire game and can effortlessly familiarize himself with any situation. It is a good thing and this helps his team to perform well. And this united philosophy is much needed for the United.

So, these are a few reasons that clearly show that Erik Ten is the perfect manager for Man United.

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