The 1990s was probably the best decade of Argentinian football. The website is available to bet on that competition.

At that moment, the league had some incredible players, such as José Luis Chilavert, Óscar Ruggeri and Diego Maradona. Not only they impressed fans with their talent on the field. They were also very vocal and provocative prior to the matches. Argentinian football can be wagered from the 1xBet website.

When Maradona's Boca Was Humiliated By Vélez

Two heavyweights

On the 16th of June 1996, Boca needed to visit Vélez for another match of the Argentinian league. Maradona was Boca’s icon. However, Vélez had a heavyweight of their own in legendary Paraguayan goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert. Before the next Argentinian football league game, you can go to slots Uganda visit, which has some excellent games.

During the week prior to the match, Maradona spoke how his team was going to easily beat Vélez. Little did he know that a few days later his team would be humiliated. In general, those statements brought all kinds of consequences that would be discussed even years later.

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Maradona vs the Sheriff

The referee chosen for the match was Javier Castrilli. He was known as the Sheriff for not hesitating in showing red cards to high-profile players if necessary. This was an extra ingredient to an already heated match. The procedure for 1xBet apk download and install on phone can be done for betting on Argentinian football.

Chilavert and Maradona were the captains of their teams. Maradona was trying to provoke the keeper right before the beginning of the game. The Paraguayan answered “Diego, don’t forget that there is an antidoping control”. This referred to the moment when the number 10 was banned from the game.

The match was a disaster for Boca. They lost 5-1 with goals scored by:

  • Chilavert;
  • Claudio Caniggia;
  • Fernando Gamboa;
  • and José Oscar Flores.

During the first half of the match, Maradona was protesting every decision made by Castrilli. The Sheriff had enough. He showed him a straight red card.

Immediately, the reporters located next to the field entered to hear Diego’s protest. The player demanded an explanation for his red card saying “explain me why! let’s talk! we are human beings!”. The referee didn’t say a word, and just looked at Maradona with an expressionless face.

Boca’s goalkeeper Carlos Navarro Montoya approached Maradona and asked him to just leave the field. Diego continued to say all kinds of insults to Castrilli. This is one of the most iconic scenes in Argentinian football history, and punters can download and install the 1xBet app to bet on such episodes.



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