When A Fiorentina Coach And Player Started To Punch Each Other During A Match

When A Fiorentina Coach And Player Started To Punch Each Other During A Match

It is true that during football teams things can become quite heated very quickly. Right now, only best bets in Nigeria are on 1xBet, which also brings the best emotions that football can offer.

When the match is not going as planned, it is not unusual to see teammates arguing with each other. Also, it is not that uncommon either to see coaches scolding their players. However, on a few occasions, things can escalate very quickly.

A huge escalation took place on the 2nd of May 2012. That is a day that Fiorentina fans will probably remember quite well. The 1xBet Nigeria platform offers only the best bets in all the matches that are part of Italian football.

A difficult match

On the aforementioned day, there was going to be an interesting match between Fiorentina and Novara. Before the next match of these two Italian teams, you can visit 1xBet for ng casino, and try some of the great games available over there.

Novara was winning 2-0 by the 30th minute of the first half. This was a total disaster for Fiorentina. For this reason, coach Delio Rossi decided to make a substitution. In the 32nd minute, Adem Ljajić came out and Rubén Olivera came in. In general, these early substitutions, especially when losing, can make players quickly lose their temper.

That’s exactly what happened. From the point of view of an observer, it was possible to see Ljajić arguing with his coach. However, suddenly, this argument became much more violent. Rossi jumped into Ljajić’s neck, while the player responded with some punches. While waiting for these exciting moments in a football match, fans can visit the 1xBet ng site for its great casino and games.

A heated aftermath

The other players and staff in Fiorentina’s bench tried desperately to separate both Ljajić and Rossi. Finally, that’s what they did. If you want to wager on Fiorentina from your mobile device, you can do so from the website.

The match ended 2-2. The goals were scored by:

Marco Rigoni;
and Riccardo Montolivo, who scored twice to save Fiorentina;

In the press conference that followed the match, coach Delio Rossi immediately apologized about what happened. He also stated that he was ready for any action that the club might decide to take against him.

Fiorentina, whose matches are also available in the 1xBet platform, acted quickly. They decided to immediately fire Rossi as head coach. Additionally, the Italian football federation suspended the coach for three months.

Still, many people wonder what made a veteran coach react in this way. Apparently, Ljajić insulted Rossi’s son, which made him completely lose control.

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