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Watford vs Manchester United 4-1 Highlights (Download Video)

Download Football Video: Watford vs Manchester United 4-1 Highlights #WATMUN.


Watford vs Manchester United 4-1 Highlights Download: English Premier League (EPL) – November 20th, 2021. 

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Watford are trying to take advantage of their extra man straight away here, with King pulling it back to Dennis on the edge of the box. He hits a low shot first time, but Matic steps across to block it.
He was taking too long to clear his lines and Cleverley was quick to close him down. As soon as he was put under pressure, Maguire went to ground, bringing the midfielder down in a clumsy challenge.
After getting to his feet, Maguire knew his game was finished as he took the captain’s armband off. It’s an inevitable second yellow.

The defender was quick to react after De Gea parried the effort and he hits the shot first time from the right of the box.

He fires the shot over the keeper, who was quick to get back to his feet, but he can’t keep it out. VAR is just having a look at this though.

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It’s patient play from Watford as they switch it from left to right to open up United. Femenia has a lot of space down the left and swings in a good cross. Wan-Bissaka clears it at the far post, almost putting it in his own net in his attempt, but he gets it out for a corner.
United are throwing everything they have at Watford at the moment as Ronaldo pulls it back from the byline. It’s just behind Van de Beek, but Fernandes is behind him. He has time to take a touch before he hits the shot, but he lifts it over the bar.
Martial pulls the ball back to Van de Beek in the box, but it’s too far ahead of him. He can only touch it through to Ronaldo, who takes it around Troost-Ekong before poking it over the line. He was well offside though and it won’t count.






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