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UCL: Atalanta vs Manchester United

Download Football Video: Atalanta vs Manchester United 2-2 Highlights #ATAMUN. 


Atalanta vs Manchester United 2-2 Highlights Download: UEFA Champions League – November 2nd, 2021. #ATAMUN #UCL #Manutd #MUFC. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals to earn Man Utd a point against Atalanta.

Ronaldo scored one goal at extra minute at first half and scored another late goal at extra minute of second half. 

One day, a coach will make it a fineable offence for Pogba to take as many touches of the ball as he too often does. It’s unexplainable and why he struggles for consistency in a microcosm.

He needs to perform tonight and he isn’t. And just then he turns attack into defence.

There’s not the level of control in this performance that there was at Tottenham.

It’s certainly better than it has been in a 4-2-3-1 but it’s been scrappy at times for United and a big reason for their lack of control is Paul Pogba, who is having a very difficult time of it so far. He’s been very sloppy in possession.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his Man United late equalizing goal against Atalanta
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his late equalizing goal against Atalanta

Wow, that was awful from Pogba. The Frenchman falls asleep and gifts a golden chance. Excellent from Bailly to clear the danger.

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Man United need to be patient here. They will get moments, they just need to remain tight at the back. Another Atalanta goal could have huge ramifications.

The curva nord is some sight and their choreography is everything you would expect from fanatical Italian fans.

Goodness knows what the din would have been like had Atalanta’s goal been chalked off. United have not been that bad at all but the goal has enabled Atalanta to have more of the ball and that early period of dominance United enjoyed feels a tad distant now.

Kieran McKenna has gone into the technical area to try and address matters while Solskjaer temporarily takes a seat. United…

There is confidence growing from Atalanta. United need a spell of possession, they haven’t had one yet.






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