Ademola Lookman, Victor Osimhen and Simy Nwankwo, The Three Footballers Conquering Serie A

In the panorama of Italian football, Nigerian players are gaining a prominent place thanks to their extraordinary performances in Serie A. These players, with their innate talent, speed, and technical skills, are not only raising the level of the game, but are also becoming undisputed protagonists in the hearts of fans and football enthusiasts.

Among these, Simy Nwankwo, Ademola Lookman, and Victor Osimhen have stood out for their excellent abilities on the field, consistently being among the fan favorites in football sports betting, which has become very popular recently along with UFC betting.

With this article, let us delve into the careers of the three Nigerian top-class players.


Ademola Lookman, english jewel naturalized Nigerian

Ademola Lookman has quickly captured attention in the Italian championship, distinguishing himself as a dynamic and versatile winger with Atalanta. Having started his career in England and having experiences in Germany with Leipzig, Lookman found in Serie A the ideal stage to showcase his talent. Born in 1997, with his quickness, dribbling ability, and inclination to attack, he has established himself as a key player for Gasperini. Indeed, in many matches, he has been decisive.

Arriving in the summer of 2022, Lookman has played 49 matches in Serie A, scoring 20 goals and demonstrating excellent adaptability to the challenges of Italian football.

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His speed and agility make him particularly dangerous in one-on-one situations, and his ability to find the net has made him one of the most exciting players to watch in Serie A. Lookman, with his consistent performances, is proving to be one of the young promises of Nigerian and international football.


Victor Osimhen, the championship-winning striker

Victor Osimhen, a striker for Napoli since the summer of 2020, has quickly earned a reputation as one of the best offensive talents in Serie A and the world.. Since arriving in Italy, Osimhen has demonstrated a lethal combination of speed, physical strength, and exceptional finishing ability. These qualities have made him a constant threat to opposing defenses and a reference point for Napoli’s attack, leading the Azzurri team to win the championship in 2023. The striker has been instrumental in driving the Partenopei to victory with his goals, becoming the top scorer of the competition with 26 goals. Currently, in the Italian top league, he boasts 57 goals in 96 matches.


Simy Nwankwo, the first african to win a scoring title in Italy

Simy Nwankwo, known simply as Simy, has established himself as one of the most impressive strikers in Serie A. His towering stature, combined with exceptional finishing skills, has made him a focal point in attack, feared by opposing defenses. His experience with Crotone, in particular, highlighted his ability to score in various game situations, both with headers and volleyed goals. Currently, with 66 goals, he is the top scorer in Crotone’s history.

Furthermore, the Nigerian striker is the first African player to win a scoring title in a professional Italian competition: in the year 2020, he scored 20 goals in Serie B. Following him, Osimhen achieved this feat in 2023. Not to be outdone, Simy became the second African scorer, after Eto’o, in Serie A to reach 20 goals in the 2021 season.

Simy stands out not only for his physique but also for his tactical intelligence on the field. His ability to position himself correctly, combined with his aerial game technique, makes him particularly dangerous on set pieces and crosses. His presence in the penalty area is constantly a threat to opponents, making him a primary target for his teammates’ passes.

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