Juventus has a big problem, like all Italian teams that will try to break into the market next season, and it is related to the growth decree and the end of tax breaks for players coming from abroad. Therefore, at Juventus it will be necessary to study the various strategies that are already being analyzed to try to strengthen the team.

The first concerns the development of talents at home, with low earnings. The journey has already begun, with many players under the age of 23 making a name for themselves. Dragusin was an example that perhaps should not be followed, the path was perfect, but a loan, not a sale, would have yielded three times more. On the other side, the Bianconeri already have the players of the future, Huijsen. Barrenechea, Soulé, Yildiz, examples of football players with low expenses and maximum profits.

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And next year, three more are ready to make the jump: Nonge, Comenencia and Hasa, some of the most interesting young players waiting for further moves from Juve.

RABIOT A SEPARATE CASE – deserves reflection except for one of the most sensitive cases, namely Adrien Rabiot, who, however, will no longer be able to benefit from the benefits of the decree, which expires anyway. The benefits can only be used for 5 years, and Rabiot's contract worth EUR 7 million net per season (EUR 9.2 million gross) after 2024 would cost Juventus approximately EUR 13 million gross. Because of this, Juventus won't be able to offer much more to the Frenchman, who could really leave at this point. However, Juventus had known about it for some time and therefore the decree did not come as a surprise to them. The savings on Pogba could be a factor in increasing the other Frenchman's salary, provided he decides to move, given the frenzied courtship from Germany, Spain and England.

Juventus knows that some market variables will change and is already ready to take balancing measures.

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