Juventus is always active on the market in the perspective of next season, Cristiano Giuntoli surprised everyone in the last days of the transfer market by signing a contract with Alcaraz, a player whose salary is at the level of the current Juventus and the price is acceptable. The old lady knows perfectly well that help is the nerve center on which you can build today's and future successes. We saw this last Sunday when Inter made the difference in this part of the pitch, Calhanoglu conducting the orchestra, Mkhitaryan and Barella creating drums that were then useful outside and in the cues.

Juventus certainly has clear ideas about the reinforcements to be taken, but also about the budget available, which is not huge. The money to be spent will amount to PLN 30-40 million, to which money from possible transfers should be added. Koopmeiners is the name that Juventus has put at the top of their list of possible reinforcements, but everything will depend on the offers of the Dutch Prime Minister, with United in the first place, if an offer of 50 million or more comes in, Juventus will not have the resources to restart. In addition to this, Juventus is also expected to complete the buyout of Alcaraz with a possible valuation of 30 million unless super-valued counterparts such as Kean or Iling Junior are added. If they were valued at 30 million each, Juventus could also sell one of them and make an adjustment.

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So tomorrow Juventus will also assess the situation regarding their plan B, Samardzic remains a possible name for the future, a completely affordable valuation of 20 million that does not scare the management, one doubt is the player's head and the surroundings, which are, frankly, too volatile.

In Turin, they certainly recognized the midfield as a department that needs to be strengthened and will try to acquire the right players.

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