On a rainy day in mid-February The Milan team puts the arrow on the line and promises the championship. There couldn't be any sun for such an occasion, and in fact, the Olympic stadium was hit by a downpour, downpour and mistakes, between questionable judges' judgments (you know what's new) and errors and nightmares of the Roma defense. They had to win the championship and most likely will, but be careful not to give up, second place remains to be secured, there are still many games left to play and a path of growth and maturation to complete. I regret? Honestly, no, so far Allegri's team has done everything they could with a minimum of mistakes.

Race in Milan? Of course, it could have been interpreted differently but the match in Rome also showed that there is a stronger team in this championship, both in terms of personnel and structure, so it would be very difficult to bring them home anyway. Then the debate will be broad and detailed. for different philosophies, what is better: attacking Roma, which takes 4, or cautious and composed Juve, which comes out defeated anyway? This is a difficult statement for posterity to make, considering that no matter how you look at it, everyone will think they are right. But now Juve, paradoxically, has a lot to prove. Yes, because regardless of the rankings, there are three matches to win and even if the main dream seems to be fading away, there are still a few goals to achieve both individually and as a team. So no more relaxation or thinking about the future, there will be no need for a test of strength and maturity on Monday evening.

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Yes, maturity, because for the first time in the season Allegri's players they are seven minutes from the summit and will have to show solidity and determination. The settlements will be made in May, because we have to face reality. But the future must be built from the present, and voltage drops will not be allowed. We start again with our heads held high and with the enthusiasm and ferocity that was missing in Milan. We must focus on one concept: pursue what we can, knowing that Giuntoli is building to be successful again, perhaps from next year. Thinking about the impossible, because not being ready would be unforgivable.

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