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Olamide Slams Mother Of A Man Who Asked Him For A Car

A young Nigerian man called Odunuga Oluwaseun seem to have gotten singer Olamide angry on social media

Oluwaseun tweeted at the Melo Melo crooner to make a business request but Olamide did not take it lightly

As expected, Nigerians stormed Olamide’s comment section to react to his response to the young man

Singer Olamide has got Nigerians talking on social media over his response to a young man called Odunuga Oluwaseun.

Oluwaseun has tweeted at the singer, requesting a car for his business. The young man added that he doesn’t mind paying back the money.

The young man told Olamide that they could do business together.

Olamide spotted Oluwaseun’s tweet and he asked if the young man kept some money in his hands. The singer then slammed the young man’s mother.

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While some people believe that Olamide went too far in his response to Oluwaseun, others complained about how people beg celebrities for stuff on social media.

See some reactions below:


“Actually “Ori iya e gbale” doesn’t automatically means “your mum’s head…..” if you are used to street slangs you will understand it’s nothing really serious . It’s more of a slang , y’all shouldn’t read unnecessary meaning to this.”


“Lol, I won’t blame that guy tho. People on here encouraged that act. Now everyone believe social media is the best place to source for what you can’t afford on your own. They’ll soon come with “This is unnecessary. if he’s not going to help he should have ignored”.


“The last part of the statement is what I don’t appreciate..but the guy sef mess up there are way he could have asked Baddo for help.”


“In whose hand is baddo’s phone this evening? The last thing would expect from baddo. This is a bit harsh.”